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Tips for Health & Wellness

My personal favorite! It's great for correcting alignment when you're sleeping. This is a Japanese pillow aka "sobakawa pillows." It's organic, natural, hypo-allergenic, durable, and just the right firmness. 

My #1 Recommendation. ​

Most pillows are too big and too soft for your neck conditioning improper posture and lack support. 

Buckwheat Pillow

Time to reduce back pain and stiffness. This wheel is easy to use and adds flexibility and support to your back and spine.

My #2 Recommendation.

Better to have it and use it than being hurt and stiff.

Yoga Wheel

Soaking your whole body in a warm-hot bath or just doing a foot bath has true benefits. Light a candle to enhance your 'me-time'. This is perfect for your senses and a time for unwinding. 


Allow yourself to release stress at least once a week.

You will feel good and sleep better.

Epsom Salt

Using this tool can relieve aches and pain from stacking up. Perfect for the neck, back, and legs.  


When you get one, I can use it during your massage!

Wooden Massage Tool

There are good and bad bacteria in the mouth. From Ayurvedic philosophy, using copper tongue scraper has benefits.

This includes:  Anti-bacterial, holistic approach to hygiene, balances doshas, improves digestion, and fresher breath. 

Tongue Scraper

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