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Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Lomi-Lomi, Reflexology, Acupressure, and 11 years of experience, study, and practice.

*No one - hour sesssions.  

therapeutic massage

First time & returning clientele

$150.00 for one person

$300 for two persons

$450 for three persons

Serving Southern California

No travel fee within one-hour distance. 

If you're looking for a second therapist, it can be arranged. Service price may vary from other practitioners.

One hour massage is open for eldelry persons and pregnancy massage. 

Gift card is available

Products I love - coming soon!

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Seated pose

Let's make a flow that you will love, enjoy, and cherish.

A practice you will surely benefit from and look forward to sharing to family and friends.

Yoga session, exercise, work out, mind-body-energy practices

Blendng global, western and eastern mind-body-energy practices. 

Perfect for any time of day or evening to balance human energies, body systems, from moments into movements of high energy to a state of equillibrium.

A session added with a massage is $30 for 40-minutes before or after.

The group session is $5 per person

Location: Home, Park, Beach, Backyard, Garden...etc.