My Services

90 minutes

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New Clients & Returning Clients

$170.00 for one person

$320.00 for two persons

$500.00 for three persons

No travel fee within one hour distance from my location. Undisclosed location for safety.

A one-hour massage is open for elderly persons and pregnancy massage. 

A gift card is available

What does it mean by Therapeutic Massage?

It means a holistic approach to the therapy, which combines all modalities that best suits the person's current health status and the body's receptivity to the therapies. What else does it include?

'Happiness is best shared'

120 minutes

New Clients & Returning Clients

$300.00 for one person

$600.00 for two persons

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A gift card is available

Yoga with Camille

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Blending Western and Eastern practices.  Perfect for any time of day or evening, from moments into movements of high energy to a state of equilibrium. This practice is about nurturing the internal energy to develop a steady and healthy relationship with the body to inspire and motivate your whole being - inside and out, no matter what your goals are. 

  • Silent Meditation

  • Yoga flows

  • Tai Chi

  • Work out

$50.00 for 40-minutes if added with a massage appointment

$70.00 for 60-minutes of Individual, Family, or Group sessions

Pop-up sessions in public locations are free

Donations are accepted

Follow my Instagram for pop-up locations: @cjoyceheart