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Providing you a safe space to receive healing and holistic therapeutic massage


Monthly Poem

"At midnight, in the month of June,

I stand beneath the mystic moon."

Edgar Allan Poe

"Best massage I've ever had! Very deep and all over. I feel very relaxed now. She found sore muscles and knots all over that I didn't know I had and of course all the ones I knew about. Plus she's extremely nice. Would definitely hire again." - Chris W

"My daughter and I each had a 90 minutes massage yesterday and I had the best sleep of my life last night.. thank you for being so thorough.. you were amazing...and today I feel specially alive and energized.." - Anjik V


The approach is unique and fresh for every individual.

A minimum of 90-minute therapeutic massage in the comfort of your home.

My practice comes from love and compassion over 13 years of expertise, exploration and continued curiosity of western and eastern healing modalities to create a holistic healing experience in a diverse environment.
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