CAMTC #71933


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Unique, Personalized Therapeutic Massage


Perfect for first-time or seasonal client.  

  "I trust you. You know best" approach. 

It is a whole-body massage with soft-gentle-caring strokes, kneading, techniques with right intentions and pressures on attention muscles for a holistic massage therapy experience. This is using most techniques 
(listed below) that I see fit and making good judgement through-out the session. 


Soothing Swedish

Perfect for first-time massage experience. A stress-relieving and relaxing therapy.
Improves body circulation for a more balanced lifestyle
Lomi- Lomi
A wave-like direction and application in body therapy.
This practice originated from Hawaii, and it is a healing and spiritual practice.
Energizing, calming, harmonizing for mind-body.  

Moderate Deep-Tissue

A more advance and intensive therapy for detoxification of the muscles using deeper pressure,
slow application, trigger point, steady breathing, and patience for the release of calcified and knotted muscles.
This therapy  may or may not result to that 'good sore' feeling the next day and/or feel lighter!


Applying well-thought and intent pressure points to increase oxygen flow through-out the body.
It is part of the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory of qi, yin and yang, and meridians.
You can do this to yourself!
This is usually combine with other modality such as the Swedish massage.




These are points located on the  feet, the  hands or the ears that corresponds to another part of the  body.
Interchangeably called "zone therapy'. A quite relaxing comfortable meditative therapy session.

Aroma-therapy Plus +

Addition of essential oils  which adds many layers  of  healing properties.
It is an all-day healing and aromatic refreshment for your body experience;
Your choice of 3 essential oils (base, middle and high notes)

Headache Therapy 

Aid for acute headaches and other related head discomfort such as fatigue, insomnia, and anxieties.
Helps with opening head pressure due to cold,  allergies, ear aches and tight jaws and any
other imbalances and stress-related symptoms.
Mother-Baby Quality Time
Swedish peaceful massage for mother-to be-. 

**Contra-indications will always be noted for all modalities and session.